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10 responses to “Post your review here: Naughty or Nice Boutique

  1. I was looking to find an adult store in Vacaville, but hadn’t seen one. I Googled it and found Naughty or Nice. I just wanted to take a look and get an idea of how much I was looking to spend on a sexy outfit. The store looks very classy from the curb, and when you walk in, you don’t get a creepy vibe like some stores. I was told the ‘naughty room’ is in the back, which is good so you’re not bombarded with all the hardcore right away. Stephanie was working and couldn’t be more helpful with my questions. The store was closing in minutes & she still let me take my time and not feel rushed. I was able to get a clear picture of what I wanted, & how much I was going to spend on a decent outfit. Great to see an adult store for grown ups exists.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this store!! I find myself getting lost in their clothes and shoes wanting everything. The environment is very relaxing and sexy. I love it, if you haven’t shopped there yet yu need to make it a point to go!!

  3. Me and a friend went there on a Monday night the owner and other people where there. It was clean and you never felt like someone was creeping on you. They have the 18 years age over in another part of the store so you are not bombarded with intimate things. It’s like a nice atmosphere. And the owe was glad to help with any questions. Would definable tell other girls to come here then to some of the scarier stores and being watched by creepy men.

  4. You guys were awesome today,you know your stuff and help customers when they have no idea what their doing couldn’t of asked for a better expiernece

  5. Oh my god, this is my new favorite store in the world! I drive an hour just to shop here. They are so sweet and helpful, I would recommend this store if you want to be greeted by a friendly owner, buy some very cute things, and overall be in a place that is charming. If you live an hour or so away, like me, it is definitely worth the drive!

  6. I would like 2 send my sincere apology 2 the owner of this store. Stealing in ANY STORE is NOT lawful in any way shape or form. I am sorry.

  7. was there buying my significant other a toy, the women behind the counter was adorable, helpful and made my time there easy.. love this store.

  8. The young lady behind the counter was adorable, made my experience a good one. Truly is a one stop shop..

  9. Again, the women behind the counter were great. Love this store

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