Wedding season will be here soon! Baby Doll & Chemise Lingerie

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If you are soon to be a bride,  you have put many hours of thought into hundreds of details. One important detail that should not be overlooked is the lingerie you are going to wear on what may be the most anticipated night of your life!  And of course, on your honeymoon. The lingerie you wear underneath your wedding gown should shape and lift your body to its up most perfection so you look simply fabulous on your special day. To achieve your best look and feel sexy-ready underneath may require some gentle support or sculpting that can all be aided by creative lingerie choices.

Honeymoon lingerie is a different story altogether. Practicality can (and should) be thrown completely out the window because now is the time to pull out all the stops and go for some big time sex appeal. You can choose as many different styles as you like—and you don’t necessarily have to wear the traditional white. It’s fun to mix it up, and start your new married life off with a big bang.

Baby Doll


are two coordinated pieces. The top is traditionally fitted like a bra with a plunging, cleavage-enhancing neckline and an empire waist. The skirt flows freely over your torso down to your hips. The second piece is usually a g-string or a thong. The baby dollis a very innocently traditional & sexy look. Men go crazy for how “baby” you look in one, as the waist and skirt leave a little more to the imagination. You will definitely want to pack one or two of these in your honeymoon suitcase.



The chemise is a form-fitting one-piece garment that skims over your body straight from the shoulders and down over the hips. Many different styles and different fabrics are available. Some chemise styles have plunging necklines and some are cut low in the back for a daring rear view. This is a more modest look if you want to show off your curves. A sheer fabric makes for a demure look for a new bride.

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