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Fifty Shades of Hot!

If you haven’t been under a cave this spring, you’ve probably heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic tale of a woman and her controlling lover.

And while some say the writing style leaves something to be… desired, it does seem to have inspired a new appetite for spice!

Here are some thrilling ideas you can find at Naughty or Nice and Aella Boutique for those looking for some Dorian Grey style control or delicious surrender a la Anastasia Steele.

1. The Riding Crop

Fifty Shades of Grey style riding crop

Need a great prop that’s sexy and functional? Keep your pet disciplined with a leather riding crop.

2. The Silk Tie

Lelo grey silk bondage tieThe pleasure experts at Lelo offer a dark and sexy twist on the old tie trick. These luxurious silk ties come with D rings and are weighted with pearls to help you quickly render your partner helpless and at your mercy.  These sexy subduers come in grey, red and purple.

3. Rope!

bondage artGoogle shibari and you’ll find there’s a world of erotic rope art. Of course you can find rope at your local hardware shop, but where to start? Get the ball rolling with silky rope handcuffs to give your partner a taste they just might come to love!

4. Floggers

Lelo Suede floggerAvailable in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes, floggers can inflict a multitude of sensations. Make it thud or make it sting, but make it fun! Lelo’s suede whip even comes with a pleasurable handle

And if your’e really feeling adventurous…

5. Nipple Clamps

Nipple clampsStart with adjustable alligator clips to get your honey’s attention and graduate to clover clamps when someone’s been naughty… or nice.