Lingerie Men Prefer, Do You Agree.

what men prefer~ Do you agree guys?


Rosa slip on

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First off, every woman needs a pair or two or three or Bordello Shoes. RIGHT?

So what do you guys love seeing your women in? Well, here are the top 5 items that AskMen readers sent in without hesitation. And in case there was any doubt, all of these include a pair of very high heels that stay on even after the clothes come off.

5- Chemise
Watching her walk around in a plain silky mini-dress-like piece with nothing underneath made many guys feel like making love.

4- Babydoll
This little number perks up her breasts and has a slit down the middle starting underneath her chest, and works its way down to her thighs. Oh, and it comes with great bikini underwear as well.

3- Teddy
Because it looks like a bathing suit, only a lot sexier, the slit up the butt and the fact that it unbuttons from the crotch had many a man salivating hungrily to take it off.

2- Camisole & Thong
Sometimes simplicity works best and guys like seeing their women dressed up with a hint of innocence in a tank top and sexy underwear.

1- Push-up Bra, G-string & Garter Belts
Was there any doubt? Garter belts have been used to seduce men for years and things aren’t about to change anytime soon. If your woman hasn’t seduced you with them yet, perhaps it’s time the two of you invested in a couple of pairs.

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