5 Romance ideas for your wedding night

. Do not let your wedding stress screw up this special night, just laugh it off and take it easy to enjoy your wedding night.

(1) No matter what size you are or how self-conscious you are, you can always find some great choices at Naughty or Nice Boutique: 317 Parker St. Vacaville CA

(2) Set the Stage: Rose petals from the door to the bedroom to the bathtub, wine and music.

(3) Be your own photographer: You’ll want the photos to be candid and lighthearted. Just take pictures until you run out of memory on your card.

(4) Share a midnight snack: Watch the food scene of the movie “9 1/2 weeks” prior to your wedding night.  Mimic the scene and feed your sweetie blind folded,feed scene

(5) Take a bubble bath together and enjoy some champagne and strawberries

Hope to see you at W4edding walk?    RSVP HERE:

April 18th from 5pm-8pm

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